Trade Log – 2022-10-18T21:25:50.000Z

SELL SPX (0DTE) 3760/3770 3640/3630
@ 0.75 or better
Iron Condor
unofficial ones,

Pure Numbers play, no t/a no nothing,
Exit 2.00 , risking 1.25 , meaning $125 at risk, plus some slippers

After long time, it was successful trade,
#0dte #spx #spx0dte

Trade Log – 2022-09-23T00:20:11.000Z

Official #0dte Trade Alert Via #discord and #SMS

SELL SPX (0DTE) 3800/3805 3710/3705
@ 0.65 or better
Iron Condor

Let it ride. Expired OTM for full profit. $65/contract

again, SMS are working, you will get real time alerts via sms. #spx0DTE #spx

Trade Log – 2022-08-19T02:10:37.000Z

Official Trade Alerts (discord and sms)
SELL SPX (0DTE) 4310/4315 4240/4235
@ 0.65 or better
Iron Condor
Out 0.00

$60 profit/contract

first time in very long time let it expired worthless for full profit ~

#0dte #spx #0dtebot

Trade Log – 2022-08-01T22:52:23.000Z

Official Trade Alert: (Discord, and SMS)
SELL SPX (0DTE) 4180/4185 4090/4085
@ 0.65 or better
Iron Condor

Out 0.10 for $55 small profit, lets start this month with small profit,
would have been a full profit, but lets take it,
#0dte #spx #0dtebot