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    SPX 0 Day To Expire

    SPXW weekly options expire every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday; We trade them on the day it expires.

    What is SPX 0DTE strategy?Trade Logs

here is What you will Get

Benefits of the 0DTE Membership

Daily Returns

Daily Returns

Generate consistent income trading SPX Index Options on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Daily/Weekly Trade Recap

Daily/Weekly Trade Recap

We keep you informed about trades and post them to each respective channel. At the end of the day, profit and loss is computed and updated in each channel.

Instant Alerts

Instant Alerts

Real-time trade signals sent directly to your phone or computer. We use Discord as our platform to send you trade signals via unique channels.





Trade Win Ratio


Avg Returns / Trade

* $50 (profit) / $500 (investment)


Profit Target

* 0.70 (credit received) x 0.70 = 0.49 (profit)

2.5x – 3x


* 0.70 credit received x 3 = 2.10 (stop loss) – 0.70 (credit received) = 1.40 (net loss 🙁 )

Consistency: the key to success

“Best return on my investment ever — and I’ve tried lots of stuff.”

High Probability Trades

We take trades that are mathematically positioned at around 70-75% probability of success — and we combine that with our technical analysis to increase the success rate towards 80-85%.

Minimal Time Commitment

We do all the heavy lifting and analysis and create the video tutorials to send to you right on your phone. All you need is to commit less than 60 min a week.

Proven, Income Generating System

With our service, because we only trade the most liquid markets in the world such as the S&P500 Index — it is extremely easy for you to put in your order at the same price as we do.

Start Trading With Us Today

Join us now to see if the way we trade is for you.

$79.99per month
  • Access to all the Private and Public Discord Channels
  • Gold colour name and Verified badge on Discord
  • Email and SMS Alerts ***NEW
  • SPX, ES, SPY, XSP 0 DTE trades
  • NDX, RUT, 0DTE trades
  • Iron Fly 0DTE trades
  • Iron butterfly (Casino-high-risk) trades
  • OPTIONAL BONUS - (2-7) DTE weekly options alerts
  • Daily key levels and high-low range
  • Market Internal Analysis
  • Volume Profile Analysis
  • Morning Prep Plan
  • Full Blog Access
  • Daily Trade Recap (Video/Text/Chart)
  • Live Weekly Recaps with Q&A
  • Live Training Sessions with Q&A
  • Full-time Trader Available M-F.
  • 0DTE Discord Bot --- *NEW
  • *You don't have to trade alone ever*
  • *No Contract - Cancel Anytime.
$19.997 Days
  • Includes everything in Gold membership,
  • *$19.99 for a 7-day, One Time Payment,
  • No Monthly Fees, No extra fees*
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  • you can get $40/month with a 50% promo code
  • so you can try it for a month rather than
  • 19.99 for 7 days.
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  • I would like you to try for a month,
  • you can cancel anytime if you don't like it
  • Trial will be closed soon

Do all your wedge trading on the go!

You can use a phone, tablet or laptop and do all your trading as long as you have access to the internet.

Receive Alerts Today !

We have a private Discord group where we trade SPX 0DTE and 1-7DTE in real time. Daily/Weekly recaps on the trading day with all plays so you can learn. Discord allows you to be active from a desktop or mobile with alerts. We also post educational resources to help you increase your trade profitability.

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