Trade Logs – Sun Jun 12 03:51:52 +0000 2022

We have built our own community, just like Facebook.
But with:

No Algorithm
No Fake Accounts

and we invite all of you to give it a try. We hope to provide a clean space where we all can learn/share/contribute together.

It is FREE.😀

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Trade Logs – Tue Jun 07 02:15:39 +0000 2022

SELL SPX (0DTE) 4205/4210 4105/4100
@ 0.70 or better
Iron Condor

got stopped out at 1.80.

If we let it ride to the end, it would have been a total profit.
it would have been a total loss too, so respecting the stop losses is the key in long run.

#SPX $SPX #ES_F $ES_F #0dte

Trade Logs – Sat May 28 01:03:03 +0000 2022

Unofficial Trade Alert:
SELL SPX (0DTE) 4170/4180 4050/4040
@ 0.75 or better
Filled @ 0.70
Out @ 0.10
Total: $60 profit per contract.

SMS alerts too, hope you made it. 🙂

if you did not get the SMS, please contact us.

#SPX #SPY #SP500 $SPX #ES_F $ES_F #0dte #options #ES

Trade Logs – Tue May 24 02:23:26 +0000 2022

Official Trade Alert:
SELL SPX (0DTE) 4010/4015 3910/3905
@ 0.70 or better
Out @ 0.00
Total: $70 profit/contract.

Winner 🥇 winner chicken dinner; expired OTM for full profit. 👍👍👍

#SPX #SPY #SP500 $SPX #ES_F $ES_F #0dte #dailyincome #options #ES

Trade Logs – Thu May 19 23:31:44 +0000 2022

Official Trade Alert:
SELL SPX (0DTE) 3970/3975 3830/3825
@ 0.70 or better

Out @ 0.20
Total: $50 profit/contract.

3930—-3896 held it like a boss all day as expected.
and ended in between, just like we said.

#SPX #SPY #SP500 $SPX #ES_F $ES_F #0dte #dailyincome #options #ES

Trade Logs – Mon May 16 22:03:30 +0000 2022

Official Trade Alert:
SELL SPX (0DTE) 4055/4060 3950/3945
@ 0.75 or better
Out @ 0.10
Total: $65 profit per contract.

Almost got stopped out, yet T/A worked out nicely.
4046.5 held it like a boss. PERFECT ~~~

#SPX #SPY #SP500 $SPX #ES_F $ES_F #0dte #dailyincome #options #ES

Trade Logs – Sat Apr 30 16:47:58 +0000 2022

Please and please trade with a plan, and stick to it, this is the difference between success and failure,

I got stopped out again, but I am happy with it, would have been much worse,

I entered Put side with the intention of exiting if 4200 broke, and it did, I was out.