• Based on 1 contract ONLY. If you trade more than 1 contract just multiply P/L by the contract size.
  • P/L% is calculated based on the profit divided by the Spread in Dollars. eg. (40/500)*100%=8%. $40 profit divided by the spread in dollar 500, also known as Margin or capital invested.
  • Open and Close are in Dollar Value. (eg. Net Credit Received * 100)
  • Exclude all the commission costs.

Alert details and screenshots are available on Twitter page and Activity Feed page.

Trade logs from Official and Unofficial Discord Channels Only. Check for Alert Type Colomn. (Starting 01.01.2022)

Email and SMS alerts are up and running since April 08 2022.

Details are also in the Discord Channel.

Please check out the Blog Page for Alert details.