Official Trade alert:
4075/4080 4000/3995 @ 0.65
out 0.20,

yet again profitable trade, 🙂 that is it for Jan 2023.

Detailed Trade Log:

#spx #sp500 #0dte

First IC loss in 2023.
4010/4020 3920/3910 @ 0.95
Stop loss: 2.20
Profit Target: 0.45

Stop loss got hit 2.15. Respected the stop loss and lived to fight another day, lol

This is why trading with a plan is SO important, please respect the plan, and move on~

#0dte #spy #spx

HAHA, once again it is not witchcraft @ everyone,

Called out 3900 close at 10:24 a.m, see where it closed,
SPX closed 3898sh,

this is fun ~~~ maybe it is coincident, maybe it is years of watching and learning ,,, who knows?

#spx $spx #0dte

Official Trade alert:
SMS was sent out too. Please let me know if you did not receive it.

3940/3945 3860/3855
Iron Condor
@ 0.75
Out 0.25

The Usual $50 profit/contract.

#SPX #0dte $spx $0dte

Who could have guessed this drop at the open when SPX was around 4000?
haha, once again,
we knew it, the thesis was 3950 at 09:40 A.M. and it got hit.

4045/4055 @ 0.50
exit 0.10, $40 profit/contract

#spx #0dte #stockmarkets

Official #0dte #SPX Iron Condor
4045/4055 3970/3960 @ 0.90

no BID/ASK, we had to exit manually from the put side and call short leg only.
out 0.15

$75 profit/contract

How is this even legal in the stock market?
Someone knew we were gonna hit 3900 today

yes, we took advantage too, we made $940 from $60.
but it does not make it right. #SPX #0dte
3880/3890 @ 0.60

I am not happy :(, this needs to be talked about.
@michaelbatnick @Downtown

SELL SPX (0DTE) 3860/3865 3760/3755
@ 0.70 or better
Iron Condor

Out @ 0.20
Total: $50 profit per contract.


#SPX $SPX #ES_F $ES_F #0dte

Did someone say #0DTE Bot nailed it again on FED day?

Bot knew what was coming again, lol

01:58 p.m EST - 2 mins before the meeting minutes, Bot knew ...

#spx #0dte #insiders

SELL SPX (#0DTE) 3860/3870 3770/3760
@ 1.00 or better
Iron Condor

Profit target 0.50,
stop-loss, SPX 3798 breaks,

Profit target hit. Let's start the new year Green. lol

#spx #0dte

#0dte Bot nailed it
Put side for $70,
Call side for $115 profit.

3815/3810 put at 2:14 pm EST
3840/3845 call at 03:18 pm EST

Both are full profit. Noice. well done #BOT
Details are in screenshots.

#SPX #0dte #0dtebot

Bot Trade Alert:
SELL XSP (0DTE) 398/397 Put Credit Spread
@ 0.21 or better

AT 14:42 p.m. Est.

expired OTM for full profit.

#0dte #0dteBot #spx #xsp

3840/3850/3860 Call butterfly in @ 0.75
out 3.05 near the end. $230 profit

we don't claim a 300% winner. it is just a casino play.

Pure observation play. purely based on 3840 and 3850 call options volume. it worked out great.

#spx #0dte #spx0dte #0dtebot

SELL SPX (0DTE) 3825/3835 3685/3675
@ 0.85 or better
Iron Condor

actively managed it today, it is a little different than what we usually do.
Exited put side first, then call side.
0.10, and 0,05 total of 0.15

$70 profit / contract

#0dte #0dtebot #spx #spx0dte

SELL SPX (0DTE) 3910/3920 3830/3820
@ 0.75 or better
Iron Condor
unofficial ones,

exit :
call side: 3886 breaks.

respected the exit plan. out 1.15.
#0dte #spx #spx0dte

SELL SPX (0DTE) 3760/3770 3640/3630
@ 0.75 or better
Iron Condor
unofficial ones,

Pure Numbers play, no t/a no nothing,
Exit 2.00 , risking 1.25 , meaning $125 at risk, plus some slippers

After long time, it was successful trade,
#0dte #spx #spx0dte

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