Official Trade Alert:
4015/4025 3900/3890 @ 1.00
got hit @ 2.60

this is what will happen if you open position and leave your desk with stop limit order, lol

could have worked out, but the plan is the plan, let us move on, πŸ™‚ lol
#0dte #spx

Again, can't make this up,
#0dte Bot nailed it on Fed day, 5 or 6 times now,
BOT knew something,

4045/4050 call credit spread @ 1.40
at 02:13 p.m EST,

see what happen after, DAMN, easy $140 dollar,

one of our member asked the BOT, not me.

#spx #FOMC #0DTE

Official Call Credit Spread:
3900/4000 @ 0.70
exited 0.15
$55 profit/contract

relatively easy day, Nice Juicy Premium, with daily IV over 1.9%, we knew bulls were not that strong today, πŸ™‚

sent out an SMS alert as well, πŸ™‚
#0dte #spx $spx $0dte

Unofficial ones,
SPXW 3970/3980 call credit spread @ 0.60
Expired worthless,

Usually, I don't let it ride, but today, the market force me to stay lol,

#SPX #0DTE $spx $0dte

Can't say this enough, Stop loss must be respected
4050/4060 3970/3960
@ 0.90 IC

stop limit 2.20, as planned, could have been very ugly.

#0dte #SPX500 #SPY #spx $spx

Chatting with ChatGPT regarding #0dte is AMAZING!

I am writing a paper regarding the danger of #0dte options contract, which could lead to another 2008.

#0DTE is the MBS(mortgage-backed securities) of 2008.


Patience is the key to success. πŸ™‚

we missed the early morning call side trade,
waited till the market found the bottom around 11:30 a.m,

4050/4040 put side @ 0.60, at 11:30sh
exited @ 0.15 after an hour.

as always trade with a plan, and respect the plan.
#0dte #spx #SP500

Please trade with a plan, and respect the plan,

4135/4145 4025/4015 @ 1.00
Exit plan was:
either 4059, 4112 breaks,
Until then do nothing,

this is exactly what we did, NOTHING, lol

Full profit at the end, ~

#0DTE #spx $spx

Got played by the market, lol

4205/4215 4105/4095 @ 0.80
Stop limit: 2.10-2.20

I Got stopped, πŸ™

it would have been full profit trade, HOWEVER, I cannot emphasize enough PLEASE respect the trade plan, it will make all the difference in the long run.

#spx #0DTE

Official Trade alert:
4075/4080 4000/3995 @ 0.65
out 0.20,

yet again profitable trade, πŸ™‚ that is it for Jan 2023.

Detailed Trade Log:

#spx #sp500 #0dte

First IC loss in 2023.
4010/4020 3920/3910 @ 0.95
Stop loss: 2.20
Profit Target: 0.45

Stop loss got hit 2.15. Respected the stop loss and lived to fight another day, lol

This is why trading with a plan is SO important, please respect the plan, and move on~

#0dte #spy #spx

HAHA, once again it is not witchcraft @ everyone,

Called out 3900 close at 10:24 a.m, see where it closed,
SPX closed 3898sh,

this is fun ~~~ maybe it is coincident, maybe it is years of watching and learning ,,, who knows?

#spx $spx #0dte

Official Trade alert:
SMS was sent out too. Please let me know if you did not receive it.

3940/3945 3860/3855
Iron Condor
@ 0.75
Out 0.25

The Usual $50 profit/contract.

#SPX #0dte $spx $0dte

Who could have guessed this drop at the open when SPX was around 4000?
haha, once again,
we knew it, the thesis was 3950 at 09:40 A.M. and it got hit.

4045/4055 @ 0.50
exit 0.10, $40 profit/contract

#spx #0dte #stockmarkets

Official #0dte #SPX Iron Condor
4045/4055 3970/3960 @ 0.90

no BID/ASK, we had to exit manually from the put side and call short leg only.
out 0.15

$75 profit/contract

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